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Thursday, July 1, 2010

The Leadoff

Hello World. Well maybe not the world quite yet, that would be pretty ambitious. Rather let me go with, Hello "One-person-who-accidently-clicked-my-blog-link-when-they-were-searching-for-something-else-on-google". That's probably more like it. I have started a blog. I'll be honest, I have attempted to blog in the past and well keeping with the trend of being honest, it didn't quite workout. Actually I just forgot about it/got lazy. Anyways this time I am not going to forget or get lazy. I promise. I pink swear.

Keeping up with this honesty thing, I don't know why I feel like I should blog. I am not a good writer. I am every english teachers worst nightmare. Seriously, my 10th grade english teacher, ask her. I remember her specifically telling me I was "a poor writer". And you know what, I agree. My spelling is awful, my handwriting is worse than Helen Keller's (I am assuming she could even write) I completely disregard punctuation and I love run on sentences.

So consider this a warning to all you english teachers and grammar nazis out there, run. Run far, far away. Anyone still out there? (Cue the cricket chirps). No? Didn't think so. Wait are you still reading? Yay! Okay well I am going to continue to blog on because you know what? I like to write. There I said it. I like to write. In fact I find its much cheaper than therapy. I made a therapy joke, I know -1 points for creativity. Deal with it and buckle up for the ride.


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