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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Logical Explanitation On Why Tution is So High
What can I say I am an Economics major, I love graphs! Actually I love graphs but just not the graphs I have in front of me for my Intermediate Macro class.  I have a midterm tomorrow that I really need to do well on. Technically its a "practice midterm" however if you do better on this one then your actually midterm won't hurt you, its confusing. Anyways Big/Little reveal is tonight! I am not taking another little sister ( Little is enough as it ya boo) but Little is taking a little. So that means I'll be a Grand-big Sister, yay for our family growing. I'll have to post pictures later on.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Vineyard Vines Fall

I love Vineyard Vines. No seriously,  I am obsessed. Working there would be like heaven for me. Anyways I got a promotional email the other day with their new fall stuff out. I don't know what was up with me but it had been like three weeks since the last time I checked out their website ( I am blaming it on school).  I was looking around and let me tell you they hit a home run this fall. Here is some of the stuff I fell in love with and yes some of it I know is not in their fall line but I don't care its too cute!
Fuller Street V-Neck Sweater $98.00
Fall means sweaters. I love this V-neck sweater because it is a lightweight and it comes in so many colors.
Galley Hoody $98.00
 This hoody would be perfect for those days where you get 2 hours of sleep because you have a test the next morning and you don't want to look sloppy. Throw on this hoody and some jeans, good to go! Plus the checkered lining is super cute.
Knotical Printed Skirt $98.00
 This skirt is so cute. Something I would wear to chapter or to class and I love the print!
Long-Sleeve Pocket Tee $48.00
 I love a pocket tee, a Vineyard Vines pocket tee? Perfection. Great get up and go outfit.
Nor'Easter Jacket $245.00
 I know this isn't new. In fact I have had my eye on this jacket for the longest time. I just have a hard time spending that much money on a jacket. It would be usefully when it rains and I need something heavier than my light North Face jacket, but that doesn't happen that often here.
Old Harbor Patch Pocket Shirt $98.00
 If I had to choose to wear only one style of top for the rest of my life, it would be a long sleeve button down. I am going to blame working at Ralph Lauren for my love of oxfords. Too hot? Roll up the sleeves. Too cold? Push the sleeves down. Anyways with the exception of Ralph Lauren ( they practically invented the oxford anyways), Vineyard Vines has in my opinion the best button downs. I love that the checkered pattern is bigger in the shirt above. The patchwork shirt is my favorite, its like "I couldn't figure out which Oxford to wear today so I just combined them all into one".
Patchwork Boyfriend Shirt $148.00
Vineyard Cords $98.00
 For some reason I never wore cords growing up. I blame that on The Domestic Goddess, she has a thing against corduroys.  I admit I recently fell in love with them after I tried a pair on at work. The Domestic Goddess doesn't think they are very flattering but I think as long as you get a more relaxed fit your good to go.

Chesca Top $125.00
 Super cute would go great with the Wave Medallion skirt below.
Wave Medallion Skirt $125.00
 This is my favorite skirt out of the lot. I love the orange, it would be perfect for gameday. Brown and orange is like my favorite fall color combination.
Whale 5-Pocket Skirt $98.00
I am a sucker for anything embroidered. Pants, shorts, skirts if it has critters/flags/mascot I love it. I just wish Vineyard Vines would do more embroidered pants, and not the capri style pant. 

Monday, September 27, 2010

Rain, Rain Go Away

Thankfully it is starting to cool off! Thanks for the rain, Mother Nature. Actually I don't mind the rain, especially at night.  I love it when it rains at night and your curled up in bed trying to go to sleep, I find the sound comforting. Anyways rain means its time to break out my Bean Boots.
The North Face "Venture" Lightweight Jacket
LL Bean Boots
I actually don't own a pair of rain boots, so bean boots is my go to rainy day shoe.  Hunter Rain boots are on my Christmas list this year. I love my North face rain jacket. Its lightweight, breathable plus the pink trim makes it standout. The one thing I don't own actually is a umbrella. Go figure.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Outfit of the Day


class by kmoses featuring pink shorts

I haven't done an "Outfit of the Day" in a while. I wish it would start to get colder so I can break out my chinos. The weekend I went home I dropped some pants off at the tailor. I am 5'3 so I have to get Everything hemmed.  Actually I had to get pants hemmed and I had the tailor take some of the "flare" out of the bottom. Personally I just like a more straight leg pant, especially if I am wearing flats. Anyways The Domestic Goddess picked them up and sent them down (Thank You!) now it would be nice if the temperature could drop down some. Happy Friday.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Study Jams

It's that time, every college student knows what I am talking about. The two weeks or so where all your professors get together and collectively schedule tests the same week or even better the same day. Actually this semester so far it isn't that bad, only two tests a week. The problem is I am taking six classes, so its a three week study binge. Last Friday was Moral & Ethical Aspects in Economics, Monday was International Marketing and today was Sales Management. Next week its Relationships & Marriage, Intermediate Macro and Economic Development the following Tuesday.  The good news is I made As on both my tests so far, fingers cross I can keep up the trend.

Anyways back to the original point of this post. Study Jams.  I can't really listen to music when I am studying, I gotta have it really quiet but I listen to this song every time I am getting ready to study.  It's like pregame music (and by pregame I actually mean like an actual sporting event, not drinking before you go out drinking, well I guess technically it could apply but I digress), the point is this song gets me pumped up to study. Nerdy, yes I know. Corny, yes I know. But without further ado let me introduce you to Right Side of the Tree (and if you do want some actual pre game-pre game music check out their song, "Beer Pong" and "Pre gaming").

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Textbooks, Flashcards, Outlines O My!

(photo credit
I know I haven't been writing daily and I apologize. Two huge test, lots of meetings and greek bowl practices. Just gotta get through Thursday!

Friday, September 17, 2010

New Year's Resolution

The Title of this photo was " Financial Advice for 20- Somethings" (photo credit
Do you remember your New Year's Resolutions? Do you even make resolutions? I always make New Years Resolutions, but this is the first year I have actually kept mine. At the turn of the new year, I vowed that this would be the year that I start becoming more financial responsible. Financial responsible meaning;  I wanted to start establishing credit, open a savings account and start investing in the stock market. Well as of this week, I have accomplished all three things. I opened a savings account this summer up in Boston and started putting away a bit of my paycheck. Last month I applied for a credit card, finally last week I received it in the mail. Then yesterday I took some of that money in my savings account, opened a sharebuilder account and bought my first stocks.

As a college student I can say it is so easy to get wrapped up in everything and not plan for the future.  Most of us don't think "I can go downtown with my friends and drop $30 on beer or I can save that $30 and invest it into the stock market." Not to mention you can't just go in and apply for any old credit card or just invest your money in any old stock you have to do your research and that takes time.  APR, Bonds, Dividend Yields, Return on Investment you have to take the time sit down, learn the language and develop a plan. It's hard to develop an investment plan when your hungover all day Sunday, or you have four exams in a week.
Probably not the best savings plan. (photo credit:

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Rugby's Fall Collection

I got an email today, Ralph Lauren's Rugby Fall line is out. Rugby is usually a hit or miss for me. For those who don't know the Rugby line it's part of the Ralph Lauren family that really focuses on the college age demographic. Originally they started out with custom Rugby shirts, now they have expanded and have a more modern/edgier take on classic pieces.  This summer I was lucky to go to their first store in Boston. Anyways after looking at the Fall line it doesn't really tickle my fancy. They definitely went with the industrial/ school boy look.  Lots of denim (expected its fall after all), wool and pageboy hats.

Worn Denim Vest 98.00

There was some pieces that I really like. Check out this jacket. I love the buttons, just the attention to detail, very typical of Ralph Lauren. 
Calvert Wool Pea Coat $298.00
This sweater comes in orange. Football game anyone?

Suede-Patch Shawl Cardigan $128.00
Anyways I think I will just stick with Rugby's Rugbys.
Limited-Edition Stud Rugby $148.00
Ashland Pieced Rugby $128.00

Monday, September 13, 2010

Tipsy Skipper Giveaway

One of my favorite blogs , collegeprep is doing a giveaway. Check it out  Tipsy Skipper is the company. I love the Key Fobs and the ballet flats are adorable! You can also follow them on facebook.

Too Cute!

Anyways here is the link to collegeprep and the giveaway thecollegeprepster

A Victory.

What a weekend.  Friday after classes I had to work till close as soon as I got back to my apartment though I crashed. I was suppose to go and meet up with some friends but the busy week of classes and meetings just caught up to me I guess. Saturday it was so nice to sleep in.  We had a home football game though it wasn't much of a game. I left five minutes into the 2nd quarter and I think we were up like four or five touchdowns.
My Roommates and I at the tailgate before the game. (I have gotta come up with "blog names" for them)
 I was trying to be somewhat productive Saturday but that was an epic fail, instead I painted. I did a little something for a future grand-little and then I painted a canvas for my room. Later that night I met up and got a drink with a friend who had graduated last year and was in town.  Sunday was work all day and straight from work was chapter. The good news is I have this Friday off!  I have gone out once maybe twice so far this semester. Between work and the crazy class load this semester I just haven't had as much free time in the past.  Hopefully I won't be as tired this Friday and actually make it out.

Friday, September 10, 2010

True Prep II

It finally came! My copy of True Prep arrived this afternoon, if I don't put up a new post for awhile you now know why.

Beantown Love

I have come to the conclusion that I truly miss Boston. Which is a pretty ironic statement considering before I had even temporarily relocated to Boston, I had it made up in my mind that I would hate it. So that right there is the first of many things I learned this summer, "Keep an open mind." I miss people watching on the T, walking around the Commons, doing my summer work at The Coop, the hustle and bustle and all the different types of people. Though I don't miss the crazy drivers, that part I can live without.  The shopping was without a doubt top notch. One store I particularly miss was J. McLaughlin.

I stumbled into this store my first weekend in Beantown. I absolutely love this store, unfortunately the closest store to me is in Charleston. Based out of New York, if your looking for bright color shorts, whale embroidered pants, or D-ring belts this is the place for you. I picked up a whale embroidered webbing belt this summer and its quickly become my favorite belt, well maybe tied with my Vineyard Vines Patchwork belt. Check out these pants, super cute and perfect for a gameday.
Totally love the print and on sale

I love all the different colors this pant comes in, but of course Orange is my favorite. 

I don't want it to sound like I hate South Carolina, I love the Palmetto state. Nothing can compare to the hospitality of South Carolinians. But I leave you with this imagine, how can you not love this?
Boston Skyline image credit (

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Wardrobe Epiphany

I am creature of habit. I like routines. Part of my daily routine, is before I go to bed I make sure I have a clean and pressed outfit laying out for the next day.  So last night  after I checked the weather for the next day ( an expected "cool" 90 degrees) I was in my closet trying to piece together something to wear. When suddenly I had a "wardrobe epiphany". Here I am living in South Carolina, a place where last year I was still wearing flip flops in December and it's expected to stay above 80 for the rest of the month, and 75% of my wardrobe is long sleeves/ sweaters/ cardigans. 
A very disorganized closet

I have a fair amount of dresses yes, but I have a thing about wearing a dress or skirt to class. I only really like to wear them in a non academic setting (downtown, weekend, chapter, football games, etc.) So I have come to the conclusion that I must either a) go shopping or b) my shopping behavior is subconsciously telling me that I need to move to a colder climate.  Honestly I am leaning for towards option b, I just have to wait until graduation.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Get Busy

Whew what a day I have ahead of me. Four classes, an interview for an internship, my first personal training session then an interest meeting for a business fraternity and to cap it all of we have our first intermural flag football game tonight.
I am interviewing for a marketing/ special events internship on campus. I read the job description and it sounded pretty neat, developing a marketing plan is right up my ally. Not to mention its a paid position and its right on campus.  Hopefully it goes all right. I am so excited for my personal training appointment. I had a trainer when I was up in Boston this summer and let me tell you it was the best thing I ever did.  Its so easy to get lost in the gym get into a routine and then you start to plateau.  Having a trainer not only motivated me to hit the gym but he spiced up my workout routine so I was never bored, and of course seeing the results didn't hurt.  Its my first appointment with this trainer and its thru the campus gym so I am a just a tad nervous.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

True Prep.

I am so excited. Why am I so excited you ask? I will tell you, in case you aren't aware but today is the release of True Prep: It's A Whole New World (aka the sequel to The Official Preppy Handbook, that was published 30 years ago)
The Orginal Preppy Handbook,published in 1980
The sequel 30 years later, by the same author
I pre-ordered a copy awhile back and I just got an email saying it shipped today! Now I get to play the waiting game with USPS.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Outfit of The Day

Today is labor day, I had to wear my white shorts today just because. Personally my stance on the whole "no white after labor day" is a little bit more 21st century. Come on people we are in the south tomorrow's high is suppose to be 93 degrees. White bottoms (aka skirts and shorts) I think are fine for the next two maybe three weeks.  As long as you aren't wearing white come November, I think you'll be okay. Now white shoes are a different story, pack those bad boys up and say goodbye you shouldn't see those babies till Easter. Your white shoes are gonna need some company so while your at it just throw in your seersucker and linen garments as well.

everyday oufit

Here is my outfit for today. The shirt was the same pattern just a nice lavender and not j.crew ... Lands End canvas collection. I know you are thinking Lands End but seriously, they have some really pretty stuff just like j.crew but a lot cheaper.

Wasting Away in Margaritaville

The Jimmy Buffett concert was a success, for the record I declare a "success" in that nobody in our group got arrested and there were no trips to the local ER.  Our little group included my Mom (who has asked to be named the "Domestic Goddess") , three out of four of her crazy sisters (my aunts), two cousins (+ a girlfriend).  Words cannot describe tailgating for a Buffett concert,  everybody is real drunk, real friendly and really into it...but mostly real drunk. The best part of the day was walking around and just seeing everybody's crazy tailgating get ups.

Domestic Goddess is real excited for the concert

Fins Up...I have a feeling we are headed to the same place. 
In line to get into the concert, The Domestic Goddess' sisters and my cousins couldn't wait and started blowing up the palm tree cooler 
Domestic Goddess + Sisters
A sea of tailgates, I have never seen so many cars in my life
We were walking around and we found this guy. He went all out with the tiki bar.  I am in the center.

Jimmy Buffett's Wheel of Misfortune

Spin the wheel and whatever color it landed on it what you had to do, and you get a free jello shot.  Thankfully no greens were spun

Sunday, September 5, 2010

I'm Leaving On A Jet Plane

I love the airport. All the people, the hustle and bustle, the idea that you can just hope on a plane and go across the world, I don't know what it is but I love airports.  Now flying, is a different story. I don't mind flying but secretly I freak out a bit during take offs and landings.  Now imagine my suprise when I arrive at the gate in Dulles ready to fly back to school and this is what I see...

I have seen SUV's bigger than this plane. Literally there was maybe six rows on this plane. I knew it would be a bumpy ride when the flight attendant had to re arrange people for "weight and balance".  After an hour and half flight we finally landed and let me say I had never been happier to be on the ground.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Some People Claim There's A Woman To Blame

In case you haven't made the connection with my "pen name" I am a huge Jimmy Buffett fan. I think it all started my senior year of high school when I knew I would be an East Carolina Pirate in the fall (I ended up transferring out after my first year).

Anyways Jimmy Buffett has this quote "Yes, I am a Pirate" well needless to say that was kinda of our unofficial slogan. Though I consider myself a huge Buffett fan I have never made it out to a concert. Jimmy Buffett and I are like two passing ships in the night. Ever since my senior year in high school the day he would come to town would be the week I was getting ready to move back down to college and when he came to play in Atlanta or Charlotte it was when I was back home. Well not this year Mr. Buffett, tomorrow I am flying back home and going to make it your concert this weekend. That's right I am going to see Jimmy Buffett.  Sorry I am just a tad excited. My birthday was on a Sunday (our county blue laws aka no alcohol sales) during a dry sorority recruitment (no drinking allowed at anytime for like 2 weeks). So this weekend my family is going to celebrate my birthday at the mecca of all tailgates.  I have been surfing the web, doing so research and I think I have come up with some pretty essential tailgating items.

Inflatable Palm Tree Cooler

Table Top Tiki Hut
and my favorite.....

Seriously what an awesome idea. That would so cool/handy for college football tailgates as well and only $29.99 isn't too much of a stretch either.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Be Yourself Is All That You Can Be

(image credit: Flickr)

It takes courage to grow up and become who you really are. 
~E.E. Cummings