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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Rugby's Fall Collection

I got an email today, Ralph Lauren's Rugby Fall line is out. Rugby is usually a hit or miss for me. For those who don't know the Rugby line it's part of the Ralph Lauren family that really focuses on the college age demographic. Originally they started out with custom Rugby shirts, now they have expanded and have a more modern/edgier take on classic pieces.  This summer I was lucky to go to their first store in Boston. Anyways after looking at the Fall line it doesn't really tickle my fancy. They definitely went with the industrial/ school boy look.  Lots of denim (expected its fall after all), wool and pageboy hats.

Worn Denim Vest 98.00

There was some pieces that I really like. Check out this jacket. I love the buttons, just the attention to detail, very typical of Ralph Lauren. 
Calvert Wool Pea Coat $298.00
This sweater comes in orange. Football game anyone?

Suede-Patch Shawl Cardigan $128.00
Anyways I think I will just stick with Rugby's Rugbys.
Limited-Edition Stud Rugby $148.00
Ashland Pieced Rugby $128.00


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