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Monday, September 6, 2010

Wasting Away in Margaritaville

The Jimmy Buffett concert was a success, for the record I declare a "success" in that nobody in our group got arrested and there were no trips to the local ER.  Our little group included my Mom (who has asked to be named the "Domestic Goddess") , three out of four of her crazy sisters (my aunts), two cousins (+ a girlfriend).  Words cannot describe tailgating for a Buffett concert,  everybody is real drunk, real friendly and really into it...but mostly real drunk. The best part of the day was walking around and just seeing everybody's crazy tailgating get ups.

Domestic Goddess is real excited for the concert

Fins Up...I have a feeling we are headed to the same place. 
In line to get into the concert, The Domestic Goddess' sisters and my cousins couldn't wait and started blowing up the palm tree cooler 
Domestic Goddess + Sisters
A sea of tailgates, I have never seen so many cars in my life
We were walking around and we found this guy. He went all out with the tiki bar.  I am in the center.

Jimmy Buffett's Wheel of Misfortune

Spin the wheel and whatever color it landed on it what you had to do, and you get a free jello shot.  Thankfully no greens were spun


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