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Friday, September 10, 2010

Beantown Love

I have come to the conclusion that I truly miss Boston. Which is a pretty ironic statement considering before I had even temporarily relocated to Boston, I had it made up in my mind that I would hate it. So that right there is the first of many things I learned this summer, "Keep an open mind." I miss people watching on the T, walking around the Commons, doing my summer work at The Coop, the hustle and bustle and all the different types of people. Though I don't miss the crazy drivers, that part I can live without.  The shopping was without a doubt top notch. One store I particularly miss was J. McLaughlin.

I stumbled into this store my first weekend in Beantown. I absolutely love this store, unfortunately the closest store to me is in Charleston. Based out of New York, if your looking for bright color shorts, whale embroidered pants, or D-ring belts this is the place for you. I picked up a whale embroidered webbing belt this summer and its quickly become my favorite belt, well maybe tied with my Vineyard Vines Patchwork belt. Check out these pants, super cute and perfect for a gameday.
Totally love the print and on sale

I love all the different colors this pant comes in, but of course Orange is my favorite. 

I don't want it to sound like I hate South Carolina, I love the Palmetto state. Nothing can compare to the hospitality of South Carolinians. But I leave you with this imagine, how can you not love this?
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