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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Study Jams

It's that time, every college student knows what I am talking about. The two weeks or so where all your professors get together and collectively schedule tests the same week or even better the same day. Actually this semester so far it isn't that bad, only two tests a week. The problem is I am taking six classes, so its a three week study binge. Last Friday was Moral & Ethical Aspects in Economics, Monday was International Marketing and today was Sales Management. Next week its Relationships & Marriage, Intermediate Macro and Economic Development the following Tuesday.  The good news is I made As on both my tests so far, fingers cross I can keep up the trend.

Anyways back to the original point of this post. Study Jams.  I can't really listen to music when I am studying, I gotta have it really quiet but I listen to this song every time I am getting ready to study.  It's like pregame music (and by pregame I actually mean like an actual sporting event, not drinking before you go out drinking, well I guess technically it could apply but I digress), the point is this song gets me pumped up to study. Nerdy, yes I know. Corny, yes I know. But without further ado let me introduce you to Right Side of the Tree (and if you do want some actual pre game-pre game music check out their song, "Beer Pong" and "Pre gaming").


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