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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Sale Time.

This should come to no surprise but I love to shop, more specifically I love to shop for clothes. Now this can be an expensive habit no doubt but the key word here is can.  You can look awesome and not break the bank you just gotta be smart. See I have come to the realization that in near future I will be out in the real world, wearing big girl clothes that *gulp* I have to pay for.  Let's be honest here the job market suck and being a college grad is just expected now a days. So for you economic types, high supply plus low demand equals... I will more than likely not be making "bank" right out of college. So being the thinking ahead type I have made the resolution to be more price tag savvy.

Finally coming to the point of this post... Outlets. I love them. I am obsessed with them. What an awesome idea. The J.Crew outlet is amazing. I am fortunate back home to have an outlet mall right down the road. However for y'all that don't have an outlet mall near by never fear there is something called the internet. J.Crew is having a great online sale right now an extra 40% off of final sale items along with Vineyard Vines. So I had some gift cards from Christmas and did a little surviving-the-first-week-of-classes-and-not-pulling-out-my-hair shopping.

J.Crew Bling Button Cardigan $14.99 normally $69.99

Shimmer Bling Button Cardigan $29.99 normally $74.00
Flotilla  Fleece 1/4 Zip $41.50 normally $115.00 
Now I realizes this is in men's where but I am okay with that. See before Christmas I went into the store and fell in love with this sweatshirt (just in navy).
Shep Shirt
However when I came back after Christmas I found out that VV sold out of the navy, in fact the sales person told me the Navy Shep Shirt was like the top selling item for them. So flash forward I am doing some sale shopping and I see the navy pullover not looking at the item title I just assume its the male version of the Shep Shirt. Wrong, it wasn't a sweatshirt it was a fleece and I have the ladies version in pink.  Lesson learned, pay attention to the item description.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Back. (Again)

Okay, not to sound like a broken record but I'm back. Like for sure this time... seriously on realz. The end of Christmas break, driving down in an epic snowstorm and nearly dying (no exaggeration, a tracker trailer jack knifed in front of me), transitioning back into student life, taking twenty one credits, sorority stuff and then figuring out that I need to start studying for the GMAT kinda have all taken priority the past couple of weeks but no longer.  Hotty Toddy sister has been after me to get back into writing she says she needs something to read in class (glad to see that tuition my parents are paying hard at work). One of my New Years Resolutions was to write more on my blog and in my journal so far I have failed at that but, pretty miserably actually, but no longer.

Friday, January 7, 2011

I'm Back

"Like a G, I hold down for the town I'm at
In a flash like that, recognize I'm back"

Anybody get it? T.I.? No? Okay then. Well I am back from the family annual family ski trip. No bones broken, no physical injuries (sharing a room with HT sister can cause some psychological injuries. Just kidding.) Anyways I realized that I have not done a good job writing over winter break. What can I say I am creature of habit and not having a routine messes me up a bit. However so many blog worthy things have happened over the break. Using the magical powers of blogger I am gonna go back in time and put up some posts. So if you are reading this just use the "previous" button and check out some older but newer posts (Does that even make sense? Do you get what I am getting at?) 

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Gone Skiing

Don't worry

                 I'm not dead 

                                                                           Just in the land of "Live Free or Die"
                                                                                                                          aka New Hampshire