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Friday, January 7, 2011

I'm Back

"Like a G, I hold down for the town I'm at
In a flash like that, recognize I'm back"

Anybody get it? T.I.? No? Okay then. Well I am back from the family annual family ski trip. No bones broken, no physical injuries (sharing a room with HT sister can cause some psychological injuries. Just kidding.) Anyways I realized that I have not done a good job writing over winter break. What can I say I am creature of habit and not having a routine messes me up a bit. However so many blog worthy things have happened over the break. Using the magical powers of blogger I am gonna go back in time and put up some posts. So if you are reading this just use the "previous" button and check out some older but newer posts (Does that even make sense? Do you get what I am getting at?) 


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