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Monday, September 13, 2010

A Victory.

What a weekend.  Friday after classes I had to work till close as soon as I got back to my apartment though I crashed. I was suppose to go and meet up with some friends but the busy week of classes and meetings just caught up to me I guess. Saturday it was so nice to sleep in.  We had a home football game though it wasn't much of a game. I left five minutes into the 2nd quarter and I think we were up like four or five touchdowns.
My Roommates and I at the tailgate before the game. (I have gotta come up with "blog names" for them)
 I was trying to be somewhat productive Saturday but that was an epic fail, instead I painted. I did a little something for a future grand-little and then I painted a canvas for my room. Later that night I met up and got a drink with a friend who had graduated last year and was in town.  Sunday was work all day and straight from work was chapter. The good news is I have this Friday off!  I have gone out once maybe twice so far this semester. Between work and the crazy class load this semester I just haven't had as much free time in the past.  Hopefully I won't be as tired this Friday and actually make it out.


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