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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Vineyard Vines Fall

I love Vineyard Vines. No seriously,  I am obsessed. Working there would be like heaven for me. Anyways I got a promotional email the other day with their new fall stuff out. I don't know what was up with me but it had been like three weeks since the last time I checked out their website ( I am blaming it on school).  I was looking around and let me tell you they hit a home run this fall. Here is some of the stuff I fell in love with and yes some of it I know is not in their fall line but I don't care its too cute!
Fuller Street V-Neck Sweater $98.00
Fall means sweaters. I love this V-neck sweater because it is a lightweight and it comes in so many colors.
Galley Hoody $98.00
 This hoody would be perfect for those days where you get 2 hours of sleep because you have a test the next morning and you don't want to look sloppy. Throw on this hoody and some jeans, good to go! Plus the checkered lining is super cute.
Knotical Printed Skirt $98.00
 This skirt is so cute. Something I would wear to chapter or to class and I love the print!
Long-Sleeve Pocket Tee $48.00
 I love a pocket tee, a Vineyard Vines pocket tee? Perfection. Great get up and go outfit.
Nor'Easter Jacket $245.00
 I know this isn't new. In fact I have had my eye on this jacket for the longest time. I just have a hard time spending that much money on a jacket. It would be usefully when it rains and I need something heavier than my light North Face jacket, but that doesn't happen that often here.
Old Harbor Patch Pocket Shirt $98.00
 If I had to choose to wear only one style of top for the rest of my life, it would be a long sleeve button down. I am going to blame working at Ralph Lauren for my love of oxfords. Too hot? Roll up the sleeves. Too cold? Push the sleeves down. Anyways with the exception of Ralph Lauren ( they practically invented the oxford anyways), Vineyard Vines has in my opinion the best button downs. I love that the checkered pattern is bigger in the shirt above. The patchwork shirt is my favorite, its like "I couldn't figure out which Oxford to wear today so I just combined them all into one".
Patchwork Boyfriend Shirt $148.00
Vineyard Cords $98.00
 For some reason I never wore cords growing up. I blame that on The Domestic Goddess, she has a thing against corduroys.  I admit I recently fell in love with them after I tried a pair on at work. The Domestic Goddess doesn't think they are very flattering but I think as long as you get a more relaxed fit your good to go.

Chesca Top $125.00
 Super cute would go great with the Wave Medallion skirt below.
Wave Medallion Skirt $125.00
 This is my favorite skirt out of the lot. I love the orange, it would be perfect for gameday. Brown and orange is like my favorite fall color combination.
Whale 5-Pocket Skirt $98.00
I am a sucker for anything embroidered. Pants, shorts, skirts if it has critters/flags/mascot I love it. I just wish Vineyard Vines would do more embroidered pants, and not the capri style pant. 


Anonymous said...

Even though I found this post a little late I just love reading it. Vineyard Vines is one of my favorite clothing makers. One suggestion is to find a piece of clothing you really like on the website and then make suggestions of outfits to put together based on pieces of your own. I would love to see more posts about this on future Vineyard Vine collections.

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