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Monday, August 30, 2010

If You Build It They Will Come

So one of the traditions here at school is the "First Friday" parade. The Sunday before the first home football game all the sororities start building a float and then come Friday there is a huge parade. So yesterday afternoon I just started to doze off for a quick nap when I got a phone call from my friend Julie, who also happens to be out First Friday chair.

Julie "Hey Kelly, you know how to use a hammer?"
Me (I actually have no idea what I said, I was still in the hazy sleep mode)
Julie "Great, thanks"

20 minutes later I found myself on campus and face to face with a piles of wood, nails and power tools. In 4 hours we finished all this

(I apologize for the poor quality of the photo it was taken on my cellphone.)

The best part of the day is unlike some other organizations it was just us girls. We didn't have boys out there doing all the dirty work and I honestly didn't mind. What a sense of accomplishment after we were finished for the day. Its hard to tell but that is a tall float, like 12 feet tall. So how exactly did get that high up? No we didn't use a ladder, that would be too easy. Instead I drove up my car real close and then would hop up on the roof of my car and do work. How I did not fall off and break my neck is beyond me.

So we decided to work right up to chapter. We walk in the door and everybody turns and looks at us and asks if we planned to dress alike. It wasn't until they pointed it out but we did look like twins, both in the Nike running shorts, white men's v neck shirts and pink backwards hats (though mine was a pretty awesome neon  hat) we were even wearing the same sunglasses (Ray Ban Aviators). That got me thinking minus the hat that is pretty much the look of most of the sorority girls on campus. Talk about living up to the stereotype, though I am not sure most girls could use power tools like we did that day.


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