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Friday, October 15, 2010

The Domestic Goddess is in the Building....

The Domestic Goddess and her mother (so my grandmother) have come to visit me this weekend! I am so excited, they came in last night and took me out to dinner. It is actually parent's weekend for my sorority this weekend, so tonight we have a scholarship dinner then tomorrow its football time. It's my Grandmother's first time visiting my school so I am super excited to show her around campus.  I was just thinking how happy I am here at school and how much pride I have in our campus.  O and I almost forgot today after I am done with classes we are going to go check out senior rings. The Clemson ring is a huge deal and a tradition people take pride in. There is a ring ceremony and everything. Two weekends ago I was walking around on game day and I saw a man with a walker (he had to have been at least 80) and noticed he had his Clemson ring on.


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