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Monday, October 4, 2010

Gameday Dresses

Okay so this weekend I realized that my supply of orange/purple dresses was not as abundant as I originally thought. In fact I have two purple dresses and one orange.  I realized as I was frantically trying to piece together an outfit Saturday they are all solid colors, nothing wrong with solid orange and purple but it get a little boring. So was doing some online "research" and I found some suitable alternatives.  A big thing in now is floral prints, pair some of the options below with a nice pair of boots (cowboy or otherwise) and you have an outfit not only you could wear on gameday but to class/out/downtown.

Ruche Ascending Pleats One Shoulder Dress in Coral $44.99
 This one below has to be favorite out of the bunch and only $15.00!
Forever 21 Mini Flower Print Short Dress $14.90 
Forever 21Woven Square Print Dress With Belt $27.80
Nordstrom's Angie Sleeveless Floral Dress $44.00
Forever 21 Flower Paisley Dress $19.90
Joni's Floral Melodies Dress $38.99


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