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Thursday, December 2, 2010

"I'm just a musical prostitute, my dear."

I am not sure what bought this all on but the other day I picked up my guitar for the first time in ages. I have an acoustic guitar I keep at the end of my bed.  I use to take lessons when I was back in middle school, not a lot of people know that.  I was never really good mostly because I never practiced I was always too busy doing other things. But I remember feeling like I was on cloud nine after I got done with a lesson. Playing for that hour was the most therapeutic, relaxing thing ever. Don't laugh. I am serious.  
Hotty Toddy Sister actually took this picture of me playing a while back
 Anyways this week I changed the rusted strings and started well more like attempting to teach myself some basic chords. Then I discovered lessons on youtube and I have been sucked back in. That feeling came back this week, that relaxing, therapeutic feeling you get when you just ignore the world and all you think about is the next note. All I want to do is master one song, one chords progression and move on to the next one its just been on my mind all this week. My poor roommates probably hate me practicing the same damn thing over and over. I try to play when nobody is home that way I can just flow. I have an electric guitar at home just your basic run of the mill Fender Strat but I am thinking about bringing it back down without the amp that way its quieter than my acoustic. O well back to studying I go. Till next time. O yea anybody know who said that quote that I made my title? Here is a clue,  guitarist for Queen.


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