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Friday, June 24, 2011

Day 1: Flying into Rome and Getting to Sorrento

Well we made it. It’s so strange to think I started the day in Virginia and now I am half way across the globe in Italy! Mom and I had a 6pm flight out of Dulles so we had to leave home at 3pm. Flying out in the afternoon is awesome I could sleep in, run errands and get a good workout in before having to leave. The flight itself was around 8 hours, easily the longest plane ride I have ever been on. Of course there was a crying baby sitting in front of me, but I was as Sandra puts it “Good night Irene.” Lights out.  Pretty sweet, next thing I know I wake up and we are in Rome. I was a little disappointed though. I was so prepared for the flight and totally accounted for my short attention span… DVD. check. Books. Check. Magazine. Check. I don’t even think I opened my backpack once.

After we landed, exchanged money (don’t ever do it right when you get off the plane the exchange fees were insanely high) we had to clear customs. Just fyi, customs in Italy consist of showing your passport smiling to the agent and getting a stamp. Stark contrast to experience I had crossing over the boarder from Mexico to California, with a US military ID I might add. After we got out luggage without incident we then had to take a taxi to the train station in Rome so we could catch a train to Naples. Driving in Rome Italy is an adventure to say the least. To simply sum it up, there are no traffic rules. No speed limits and most importantly, or most frightening, there are no lanes. If you can see empty space, wither in front, side or behind you there will soon be a car or motorcycle there.

Mom looking out the room's window
The train ride was uneventful. I fell asleep and my mother who did not sleep on the plane and was going on like her 29 hour without sleep was miraculously still a functioning human being. We got to Naples then had to take a smaller local train like the metro in Washington DC or the Boston “T” to our hotel in Sorreinto. That train ride I stayed awake for. I had to it, I was pretty sure if I fell asleep I would get robbed. Outside of the train graffiti was sprayed everywhere, inside it was hot crowded with a stench that was a mixture of sweat, body odor, cigarettes and strong perfume. Finally after a 45 minute train ride, and a 10 minute bus ride we made it to our hotel. 

View from our room...Note to self Don't Ever Look Down.
 Literally the hotel was built into the mountain side, lots of stairs but all worth it for a just jaw dropping view of Mt. Vesuvus, the harbor and the little beach area below the cliffs.

Mom took this picture apparently I was to busy (see above). Bambinos playing/ killing birds.
 I tried to take a nap but the energizer bunny… I mean mom was still going. We went out into the town of Sorrento and walked around all around the shops. Sorrento is famous for its giant lemons, which they put to good use and make lemmoncheoo. Anything that could be made with lemons… candy, chocolate, candles you name it you can find in Sorrento.

Shoes anyone? They actually made custom sandals for you in 5mins!

The restaurant was called Buffalo Inn so naturally had to do the "Buffalo"
 We found a great little restaurant that specialized cooking with Buffalo meat and cheese. Yes, like actual water buffalo. I thought they were dead but silly American minded me apparently they are alive and kick in Italy, and the taste delicious. That is all for no. Day One is in the books! 


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