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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Guess Whose Back? (Back Again)

Hello, I have decided to start blogging again. Believe it or not I am actually in Italy right now getting ready to study abroad for a month in Perguia. Mom and I came over six days before I am supposed to meet up with my study abroad group. I have been keeping a word doc journal since I have arrived so that a) I can keep track of everything that happened and b) so my friends and family, well mostly just Hotty Toddy Sister can stop bugging to write again. Finally in Rome our last stop I have had time and a decent Internet connection in that I can actually update the blog so these posts are going to be back dated.

First let me just explain that before I came to Italy the University back home made all students who were studying abroad attend an orientation session. Coming into the orientation session I was pretty excited about spending a month in a foreign country. I had this romantic moviesque picture painted in my head. My expectations consisted of driving a Vespa scooter through the old cobblestone Perguian (?) streets, tooting a bottle of red wine with my scarf flapping in the wind and underneath my helmet my hair would fall perfectly not a strand out of place …  ahhh a girl can dream. The lady leading the orientation session completely erased all those dreams. Instead she painted a colorful picture of angry spiteful custom agents who searched through every nook and cranny in your suitcase looking for contraband, locals who despised Americans and would have you arrested, thrown in jail just for looking at them cross eyed. If of course you survived and you were not incarcerated, brutally tortured or killed (which would leave your parents with a bill of over $200,000 to ship your remains back to the states, just one of the many interesting tidbits we learned) you were destined to have an “amazing experience”. 

Not the best way to experience Italy
 O and I don't know if anybody is keeping up with the whole Amanda Knox story (American girl who was in Italy studying abroad and was convicted of murdering another study abroad girl), well that all went down in Perguia. Yes the same city that I am headed to study abroad at. Freaky huh? So know everybody is really cracking jokes about getting arrested. 


Swapnesh said...

LOL, you can make it girl, just keep that urge of killing another girl under control, haha

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