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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Fall Break

So yesterday I wrote about my little road trip down to Ole Miss. Today I figured I should actually write about my visit. First off let me say for the record that Oxford, Mississippi is absolutely gorgeous.  I am so jealous of the square it puts our one road downtown too shame.

The University itself just seems so much more well planned out then Clemson. Maybe its me but when I am walking around Clemson's campus it just seems that the buildings are laid out so inefficiently and there is a lot of wasted space. Plus all the old homes that surround the campus just add to the old southern charm.

So Friday night I arrived at Hotty Toddy Sister's dorm room. I felt like I was reliving freshman year! The shower shoes, having a bathroom down the hall, the RA and how could I forget the germs? Hotty Toddy Sister was getting sick when I was there and then I started feeling sick. Friday night we walked around the square and got some dinner. By the way Friday night before a home game and no reservations is not a good situation, it was an hour and half wait.  Saturday we did some shopping. Seriously the little boutiques in the square are amazing sooo many cute clothes, just another reason I am jealous of Ole Miss.  I found a really cute blue dress to wear to the football game that evening.  Get this the University actually designates which games the fans wear red and which games they wear blue.  Clemson administration should take note, there gets a point where trying to find a handful of orange game day outfits gets old... not to mention frustrating. 
My new favorite dress and the Walk of Champions
Anyways we got a bite to eat then headed back to the dorm to get ready for the Grove. I almost forgot HTS showed me her sorority house, which just so happens to be the same sorority I am in here at Clemson.  Reason number 100000 why I am jealous of Ole Miss, their houses there were beautiful! Finally we hit the Grove.  Both my Aunt and my Dad (hence the name Hotty Toddy Daddy) are Ole Miss alum. My Aunt and Uncle don't live that far away from Ole Miss and make it to most of the home football games so HTS and I stopped by their tent. I was so nice to see them and my cousins. I couldn't believe how much my cousins had grown!
Cousins at the Grove
The game itself was somewhat disappointing,  mostly because it was freezing at that point and they were losing. I couldn't believe though that Ole Miss didn't have block seating. Their student section was just a free for all. That night we went to the Square. I couldn't believe all the people that were out and all the bars put our handful of bars to shame. Sunday I had to head back to Clemson. I had such a great visit though. Seriously Ole Miss is a wonderful school and the people there are some of the nicest around.  A message to Hotty Toddy Sister, you better watch out next semester I have a feeling the girls and I will be making a road trip!


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