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Monday, November 22, 2010

Tis The Season?

This morning I was on the bus headed to class and what is playing on the radio you might ask but Christmas music. Now I don't mean to be Scrooge but Christmas music is for after Thanksgiving. In my opinion after Santa Claus comes to town (via the Macy's day parade of course) is when Christmas season is allowed to start. Until then I don't wanna listen to Christmas music and I don't wanna see Christmas trees, ornaments or lights. Now I love Christmas don't get me wrong, it is by far my favorite holiday and I love the Christmas spirit yadh yadh yadh. That being said, lets think about Thanksgiving for a second. Poor Thanksgiving, its gotta feel like the last kid picked for the team. Everybody just skips over Thanksgiving and wants to move straight to Christmas.  I know I might be a little bias, fall season is by far my favorite and its kinda of hard to think about Christmas when its 70 degrees outside and you are wearing shorts.  However think about Thanksgiving people, its not over yet and Santa hasn't come to town so fight the urge to listen to Christmas music eat a slice of pumpkin pie instead and think about the pilgrims instead.


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