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Monday, November 1, 2010

Walking Thoughts how I heart you...
 So tonight I went walking with one of my good friends who lives up the street from me. I feel like an old lady whenever I reference "walking" but those "old" ladies are on to something. Walking is awesome. It gets you outside, it gets you moving, clears your head, you can do it longer than other physical activities such as running and plus you can be social. Back to the point, so my friend is from New Jersey (no she is not friends with Snooki or The Situation in fact she is the farthest thing away from your stereotypical "Jersey Girl") anyways I was bending her ear about how I am getting frustrated with people I know being disrespectful.
No need to hold an umbrella, just common curiosity will suffice

She brought up something that I thought was really interesting and observant. We both agreed people from the south are known for their manners and hospitality. However she made the observation that as time went on and you became good friends, some southerners suddenly loose their manners and become just as rude as the "stereotypical Yankee".  No more "Can you please pass me that?" it instead becomes "Pass me that".  Now I have been thinking about that all night and you know what? I think she is on to something.  This is coming from my own personal life experiences but southerners tend to put a lot of stock in outward appearances and impressions. So the politeness and the good manners initially all make sense.  Now all of the situations that I have thought about that support this observation have two things in common, one all the offending parties were female and second they were all college age. So in their defense maybe its just a "college thing" and they will grow out of it. I for one certainty hope so.  Even if you are with your best friend there is no need to be rude or forget your "please" and "thank yous". 


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