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Tuesday, December 21, 2010


It's tradition on the DG side on the Saturday before Christmas the entire family (that includes the DG's 4 sisters plus kids, husbands and more recently kid's significant others) to go over to my Grandmother's house in Maryland and have "Grammy's Christmas". Now both of my parents have pretty large extended families, but the DG's is how would you say... more vocal? Maybe it's cause I am older and we (the cousins) are a lot bigger but Grammy's house isn't as large as I once thought it was. Add all the people, the small space and lots... and I mean lots of alcohol and you got a pretty interesting situation.
Not kidding about the alcohol part. Taking shots in the kitchen.

Actually it's more than an interesting situation...its the type of situation that makes reality tv shows. Anyways we go all out. We have a Chinese gift exchange for the adults, the cousins all draw names out of a hat and do a gift exchange, the sisters all exchange gifts, Grammy opens her presents and then finally one of the son-in-laws dress up as Santa and makes a surprise visit and passes out a gift for the younger kids.  It's a tradition that has been going on since me and my cousin R, the oldest out of all the grand kids have been babies. In fact this year we got a cd of all the videos the parents had collected over the years of the various events. After last year's Christmas on the ride home I was talking to the DG and suggested the idea of making t-shirts as a joke. The DG loved it and we planned to make tshirts and pass them out a full year before the event. Who does that? Well we do that's who. Bright red shirts with a giant picture of my Grandmother's mug blown up on the front and everybody's names on the back. Anyways when the DG and I broke them out at Grammy's she cried. She shed tears. I don't think she got it was a joke.
The mass chaos
Trying to get together and take a picture
Finally success. The Family.


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