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Saturday, July 16, 2011

Field Trip

Class. O yes,  the "real reason" I am over in Italy. A group of 15 of us are taking two classes while we are over here for the month, Sports Marketing and Retail Management. We have class Monday thru Thursday each class lasting about twoish hours. Fridays we get off so we can travel and Mondays class is pushed back so we could come Monday morning. Ever Wednesday in lieu of class we go on a "field trip". The first week we went to a high end cashmere designer, Brunello Cucinelli took a tour then spend the day in nearby town.

This week we toured a local winery and then spent the afternoon in Assisi. The winery tour was amazing. Our tour guide was actually the Grandson of the man who founded the winery and spoke English! Listening to him talk about the wine making process I could just feel his passion for wine.  I hope one day I can be that passionate about my career, whatever it ends up being. He said it best wine making is "half science half art",  I never knew how technical and precise the process is. After we finished the tour his mother (her father founded the winery) came and said hello. And yes Mom and Dad I did do some shopping in the gift shop ;)


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