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Sunday, July 17, 2011


Po River

Torino was a nice change of pace from my Milan-Ferrari-adrenaline experience. The one thing I did notice about these cities was how active the people were.  Back in Perugia and southern Italy I hardly ever saw people going out for a run or bike ride. In fact I actually get strange looks from the locals when I go out for a run. Not the case in Milan and Torino, everybody was outside. Maybe because its flatter, cooler and there is actually space to go out and run I don't know. Torino is a city overlooked by a lot of tourists its a shame too, its very laid back and young compared to the rest of Italy. Another fun fact I learned, Torino was actually the first capital of Italy in the 1860s. But enough with the history lesson.
Long way down
I was all the way up there...
 Saturday night I walked around and stumbled into the Mole Antonelliana, which now is home to a really cool cinema museum.  I took the freakiest glass elevator, think Charlie and the Chocolate factory all the way to the top of the mole and got an amazing view of the city and the alps. Glass elevator, not the smartest idea for someone who is afraid of falling. It was so creepy because unlike a normal elevator there was no shaft, or at least you couldn't see it.
Well worth the view
After I settled down and my knees stopped shaking I walked to the Po river and through the main piazza.  Unfortunately by the time I made my way to the Turin Cathedral, home to the Holy Shroud it was closed. I did get to check out the Palatine towers which were kinda of in a sketchy area. The next morning I got up and walked to the other end of the city and saw some amazing views of the river and The Castle of Valentino. I had to walk through this adorable little park area that ran along the river. I was shocked how many people were out running, biking and rollerblading(?)! I made it back to Perugia and I caught the second half of the Woman's World Cup at the local pub.
Palatine Towers
In front of the Valentino Palace
Love it! 


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