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Friday, July 15, 2011


Every year Perugia hosts the Umbria Jazz Festival. If you are like me you are probably thinking "big stinking deal".  I'll be honest, I thought that too. Actually I was kinda disappointed after first looking over the lineup. In years past Eric Clapton has headlined. Eric. Freaking. Clapton. I love Eric Clapton. Of course this year, my luck, no Eric Clapton. But someone on the lineup did catch my eye, Santana, as in Carlos Santana. Not as cool as Eric Clapton but he comes in a close second in my book. Tickets were a little steep for my college student budget (51 euros) but after going back and forth I decided to live it up and splurge.  A small group of us got tickets and it was definitely money well spent, he played a three hour set for goodness sake. I mean come on now, what an experience! Santana is one cool cat, an old cat, but none less pretty damn cool.  (I'll post some pics in a little bit. The wifi on the train is a little slow, fingers crossed the hotel is better)


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