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Monday, July 11, 2011


So much has happened since I dropped mom back off at the Rome airport and met up with the group. I’ll just give you a quick overview. I am sharing an apartment with four other girls. Its pretty big for Italy standards, I have my own tiny little room. But of course the apartment doesn’t have air condition or a dryer so doing laundry its time consuming. I am taking two classes that I absolutely love, sports marketing and retail management. We have class late on Mondays and have off Fridays so we can travel. We started a beer Olympics League, complete with an official draft of course. So the plan is to have different drinking competitions and the winning team of each different event gets points.
Nice view from the city walls

The group in the city square

View from Brunello Cucinelli...not bad
 The first even was tower Tuesday, last week, each team had to drink two towers of beer. Wednesday morning was rough.  We had a field trip to a nice cashmere factory Brunello Cucinelli and then spent the day in Cortona, needless to say the league I think came to the consensus that Tower Tuesdays would not be a weekly occurrence.  This weekend I went with a little group to Florence and Venice. Wow! I could write an entire blog post just on our first day in Florence.


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