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Tuesday, February 15, 2011


First day back at class. Gosh, I feel so behind like I have so much to do when in reality after looking at my planner I must be imagining things. I missed one test that I have to retake, not to worried about it but other than that nothing. I don't have any test next week that I have to start studying for. This might sound corny but I feel really guilty for missing class. See at the beginning of the semester I was researching Clemson facts for a project in my professional selling class when I ran across the tuition. So then that got me thinking and I calculated how many times my classes will meet and divided that by how much tuition is for the semester to get what my parents pay each time I go to class. Every time one of my classes meets my parents pay $175 for me to sit in that class.

What is sickening is how much in state students pay in comparison... a merely $55 per a class. I am gonna stand on a soapbox for one second, but I went to a high school in one of the top, if not the top public school districts in the United States.  Kids from South Carolina have graduated from one worst public education systems in the United States yet they get the reduced rate.... but that is a whole different blog post. Now knowing that my parents pay that much for me to sit in class, I absolutely feel sick to my stomach with guilt every time I think about missing a class. Just some food for thought.


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