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Thursday, February 3, 2011


So here is a question for you. What comes after a great winter sale? Stuck? A bunch of really cute summer clothes. More specifically shorts. Its hard right now to think about wearing shorts. I think the high today is around 50 and I know up in Boston y'all are still getting slammed with snow. However I am super excited because Vineyard Vines has come out with new colors for their shorts. Awhile back I dedicated a whole post to my love of VV's classic twill shorts (amazing fit and perfect inseam..ring any bells?). Anyways check out the new colors.

Cottage Blue?
Love the yellow shorts and the top together

Classic Twill in Flamingo 
I love the pink. The yellow has me worried with my pale skin I might have to try them on in the store before I make a decision on those. Though I love the color of the cottage blue I am not sure what I would wear those with. It seems like every year I  have to get a new pair of white shorts. Last year somehow I tore off a belt loop and the year before that I managed to get a giant whole right in the front. So it looks like I'll end up getting the white as well. 


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