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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

ER Trip

Friday it was my friend Jenny's birthday. So naturally she had a party. Unfortunately when I arrived Jenny felt the need to pick me up she was so excited. She picked me up alright but then she slipped and witness said it looked something like this....

The pick up

What I can imagine it looking like.

I haven't moved from this position in two days.
A trip to the ER later I was diagnosed with a concussion, a sprained back and a sprained neck. I have been taking enough pain medication to knock out a moderately sized elephant and sleeping more than a bear in hibernation. For the record I am not a whimp. Growing up I was an athlete.  I have been knocked out, dehydrated, broken bones you name it  I am one tough cookie. But this back injury, has had me whining like a baby. 


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