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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

What A Weekend

Wow. What a weekend! It was a weekend where you need another weekend to recover from the past weekend. Follow that? Saturday we had an alumnae event in Greenville. Then on Sunday morning I woke up a the crack of dawn to drive down to Atlanta and catch a flight to Memphis. What would cause a college student to wake up at 5am on a Sunday do you ask? Well this weekend I got to surprise HTS at her sorority initiation. I don't think I have mentioned this but HTS pledged the same sorority I am a member down at Ole Miss. I had emailed her chapter President and Pledge Mom back in December and had the whole thing planed. She didn't know I was at Ole Miss until during her actual initiation ceremony.

Words cannot describe her face when she saw me, I actually started to tear up (which is a big deal because I am totally not a crier). So many thoughts were running through my head during the ceremony. I had a mini flash back to my own initiation. I couldn't believe how fast the time had past. It seriously felt like yesterday I was in HTS shoes. The waves of nervousness, excitement and anticipation all came flooding back.  Then I started thinking about all the amazing people and friendships I had made through my membership in a sorority and how she is just beginning the process. I will admit I was just a tad jealous of her. HTS's is just starting her college life and I in turn am starting to close that chapter.  Being there, experiencing first hand my little sisters start into an amazing chapter in her life meant the world to me and it certainly put things into perspective. Joining a sorority is so much more than cute t-shirts, fraternity boys and parties. It's having a group of friends no matter where you go, a support system through out college and beyond.


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