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Sunday, February 13, 2011


I have the best mom ever, and I know everybody thinks their mom is the best but trust me mines better.  Last week was rough, but TDG totally made it suck less.  Getting a package totally makes my day. So imagine my surprise when I open a package this past week and I find this...
Brigg's Capeside Docks Belt
 I had a previous post way back when about my love for Kiel James Patrick. I have a bracelet from the Cape & Brigton line which I love, but this belt...just wow. It's hand made and just gorgeous. Gosh I sound like my Grandfather but you just don't see craftsmanship like this anymore. But it gets better, TDG outdid herself with this.

Love Michael Kors!!!!
I saw this bag during Christmas and fell in love with it. The color, the little shoulder strap I mean I just loved this bag. TDG said it was too big and it is big, but its just so pretty. My everyday purse is/was my navy longchamp which is part of the uniform of sorority girls all over the south. I have never had a leather bag this nice before. Week totally turned around.


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