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Saturday, July 16, 2011

Driving down the streets of Milan

When I was walking around Friday night I passed a Ferrari store, they were having a “Drive Your Dream Car" event.  A flashy red Ferrari California, a sleek black Ferrari 430 and an orange Lamborghini were parked out in the piazza. I stopped to look at the cars and assumed there would be no way I could ever drive one of those babies, so I didn't even bother asking.  Later on back at the hotel that night I laid in bed kicking myself for not asking if I could get at least a picture with one of the cars. 
Ferrari 430

Saturday morning I had just finished the “fashion district” when I stumbled into the same Ferrari store having the same promotion. Jokingly I went up to the sales lady and ask, “What it would take for me to drive one of those?” I was pretty shocked when she told me no problem I could drive it... for a pretty reasonable price. They would let me, a twenty-one year-old American girl drive a car worth over $200, 000?!?!?!  I went back and forth, was it worth it? I really wanted to, I mean come on who can say they drove a Ferrari down the streets of Milan? But at the same time after train tickets and hotels money is starting to get tight and I can afford to be wasteful. After a phone call to Mom (it was 6am over in the states) I got the confirmation I needed and signed the dotted line. I have never got out of a car and had so much adrenaline pumping through my veins. Words can’t even describe the feeling but I am gonna try nonetheless. 
Just a tad nervous
F430... my guide started getting a little picture happy

The sound of the engine, its response to me pushing down on the accelerator, the feel of the car gripping the road when accelerating into a tight turn, the jealous glances of middle aged men wondering what a young girl is doing in machine, no rather a work of flawless engineering art left me feeling in powerful state of content. It was a feeling I had never experienced before, even though it only last for twenty minutes I could see why people would pay so much money for a car. Previously the idea of spending 200k on a car seemed impractical and frivolous but now I get it, not saying I am planning on purchasing one anytime but I get it, I experienced the high. In the end it was totally worth it. I had an "experience of a lifetime" plus I got it on video. I have no idea how I am gonna upload the video but I will figure it out. Until then here are some pictures my guide snapped. 

Yes actually driving
So sleek when you turned the car on it looked like the inside of a fighter jet

Keys to the whip


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